Andrew Heim

Full Stack Developer

NFL Picks

For the last few years my family has been making predictions weekly for what team would win each week in the NFL (Go Vikings!). The way we kept track of this was through an excel spreadsheet. We would manually have to enter everyone’s picks and update the scores to see who had the best predictions. As a software engineer this made me lose sleep at night.

So what I did was design a site that displays all the games for each week and allows my family (sorry private club) to make their picks from wherever they may be. The really cool thing about this site is that it scrapes the NFL website for scores. It will detect when the game started, what the current score is, and EVEN who has the ball and what down it is. When the game is over it declares a winner, looks at everyone’s picks and see if there is definitive winner for the week, if there is then it displays their name in green on the right side of the page. You can take a peak here.

I used ASP.NET with C# along with a MYSQL database to build this site. Also, I used AJAX to save the user picks.