Andrew Heim

Full Stack Developer

Controlled Chaos

In the Summer of 2012 I took a class in Game Programming. We were introduced to Unity 3D, a game engine, and we were assigned to make a game by the end of the semester. We came up with a game called Controlled Chaos. Everything that you see in the game was made from scratch, with the exception of the backgrounds. Game programming is a little hard to comprehend to begin with, but after awhile it started to make sense.

The game is very much like Bop It. You are given one of four tasks to perform in a brief amount of time. These tasks prevent evil alien invaders from reaching a generator. If three of these aliens reach any of your generators it’s game over. For these tasks you may have to push a button that releases the floor under an invader, or you might have to shoot an alien descending a ladder, or you have to pull a lever that crushes an alien climbing in vent, finally you might have to use a control pad that charges up a laser and blasts one of those intruders into bits. As the game progresses the time for tasks get shorter, but for every few tasks you complete you receive a spin on the wheel of prizes, which gives you a skip, fast speed, or takes away a strike.

It’s a simple game, but all out team wanted to do was to make a fully functional product. You can download it here. (Unzip and run ControlledChaos.exe)

We programmed it in C# using the Unity 3D game engine, and made some of the models in 3DS Max.